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forks it.

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ONLY THE BEST COMMUNITY ON LJ (after lion_lamb). ~ blush

the publication.
Welcome to forks_it, your first comprehensive, reliable and brutally honest source for all your Twilight news! We wank report. You laugh decide.

the rules.
1. No trolling. Journalistic efforts are not defined by whether you like the story or not. They are defined by truth and validity. Get over it. Troll three times and get the boot.

2. No netspeak. Unless you are trying to be funny while proving a point.

3. Do not copy/borrow/post anything published at forks_it on another public journal, community or space without expressed permission of the author. (Not any one of the mods. The author of the article.)

4. LOVE THY NEIGHBOR. Play nice. forks_it is a dedicated publisher of information and not of your preferences. Everyone is allowed to have an opinion. (FYI, trolling is not an opinion.)

5. Anyone can join. This is not an exclusive community, it's simply Members Only so that only Members can comment. JOIN TO COMMENT.

6. Maintainers will be the only ones with posting access. They will be the only ones to post the news.

7. We will only affiliate with other Twilight communities. If you want to affiliate with us, comment here.

the staff.
the affiliates.

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Disclaimer: forks_it is a FAKE NEWS SOURCE.
We are committed to giving the Twilight fandom a good wank.
Everything is wanked or nothing is.